About Us

Transload Logistics Corp, based in Calgary, Alberta and now Calmar, Alberta, was establish in 2010 with the vision of being an industry leader in the transloading service business.  This vision became reality within a short period of time because we built strong relationships with our clients by understanding the unique needs, markets and competitive challenges they face. 


Transload Logistics Corp's strongest attributes are our people. With over 3 decades of experience in the transportation industry, our clients rely on us as experts in the areas of Transloading, rail, trucking, customized solutions and most importantly “Customer Service”.   In 2014, Transload Logistics Corp received “The Carrier Excellence Award – Transloader Category” from BNSF Logistics for outstanding service recognition. 


Relationships with all the Class 1 railways and being a member of the TDANA (Transload Distribution Association of North America) has allowed Transload Logistics Corp to provide customized end to end multi-model solutions throughout North America, and empowered our clients to have their product established in new markets in a cost competitive and seamless manner.

2014 Supplier Recognition Award Winners - Transload Logistics Corp.