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Welcome To Transload Logistics Corp.

Transload Logistics Corp. specializes in transloading services including the following:

  • Freight Forwarding Services
  • Rail to Truck and Truck to Rail Services
  • Unload & Reload Services
  • Intermodal Container Destuffing and Stuffing
  • Indoor and Outdoor Storage
  • Trucking
  • Logistics
  • Cross Dock Services
  • Equipment Unloading via End Ramp


Transload Logistics can provide a fully customized logistic solution for all inbound and outbound freight.

Our expanded rail siding supports up to 14 rail cars and is equipped with a side loading dock for boxcars, an end ramp for heavy machinery, and access to both sides to offload center beams and flatcars. Our facility is served by both Canadian Class One Railways (CP and CN).

Our Facility is situated on 35 acres with Temperature Controlled Warehouses and Outdoor Storage space for short and long-term storage. 

We are members of the TDANA (Transload Distribution Association of North America) and have relationships with other transloaders, port authorities and trucking companies throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico.


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